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Political Consultant

John Little

Political Experience
Educational Advocacy
Field Strategies
Grassroots Mobilization

Little’s experience as a Nashville School Board Member has equipped him with a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in educational governance. This insight is invaluable for political figures seeking to connect authentically with voters on education issues.

He advises candidates on developing policies that resonate with educators, parents, and students, going beyond mere campaign victories to shape a future where education is a central concern.

With a focus on empathy and a deep understanding of community dynamics, Little is instrumental in guiding political campaigns that prioritize educational transformation and societal progress.


John Little, a former School Board Member in Nashville and now a Political Consultant at Leo Operations, brings invaluable experience to political candidates and education leaders. His journey from personal hardship to educational advocacy showcases his dedication to community impact. At Leo Operations, Little leverages his deep knowledge of education systems and community needs, crafting strategies that resonate in political and educational spheres.

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