We’re all born with a dream. A dream to start a business. A dream to serve. A dream to run for office. At Leo Operations, our dream is found in making you successful through our proven tactics and strategies. Whether you are the candidate, or the campaign manager, our team is here to design and provide your campaign with the effective tools to accomplish your vision.

Leo Operations is comprised of a diverse team of solid talents and expertise that range from fundraising efforts to grassroots organizing to photography and film. Our tactics have been both tested and proven in states across the entire nation. Let us make your campaign dreams a reality. We will carefully develop the strategies to keep your campaign solid and heard. We believe that nothing should be a barrier to you, or your dream!

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It all started with an idea and a dream to make an impact on your community and serve a need. However, for that dream to become a reality it will need a lot of attention and work. Through our years of experience in marketing, our team at Leo Operations seeks to take your idea and develop it into the successful and thriving business that you want it to be. We are here to assist you from messaging and creative content to advertising and website design. Your dream is for your business to prosper. Our dream is to make that a reality.


One of the beauties of our democracy is that citizens are allowed to petition their government. That has taken many forms over the years from issues dealing with transportation to marijuana. Whatever your cause may be, chances are you need a certain number of signatures to even be considered for the ballot. Our team has had years of experience with referendums all across the United States. We specialize in creating grassroots strategies that are designed for maximum success. Let us take care of the signatures while you focus on the victory speech.



Call-time - Email Blasts - Letters - Events


Before anyone can promote themselves, their ideas, and/or their business, they have to understand and define who they are, what those ideas consist of, and what their mission is. The first step is to develop a brand and messaging. At Leo Operations, our goal is to understand who you are and what you seek to accomplish. Then we build your business, or campaign, around that by developing a message that speaks to who you are as well as to who your audience is.

At Leo Operations, our first task is assisting you in being able to answer the 5 W’s of your business, or candidacy. We also want you and your team to fully understand your ultimate intention behind your dream. If you don’t understand that then how could you possibly hope for others to? Our team has years of experience in helping define what your voice is and how to tailor it to the audience that you seek to speak to. Whether you are building from the ground up, or simply need a rebrand to add a fresh new look to your business, we’ve got you covered.


A-B Testing - Polling - Campaign Literature - Mail


We have all experienced that moment when an ad popped up on Google, or through our Facebook feed, that referenced something that we had looked up sometime prior to seeing it. Immediately we are reminded that we were, at the very least, interested in that particular product, candidate, or organization. The little secret that you probably already knew, is that there is absolutely no magic to that, and the ad certainly did not happen by chance.

At Leo Operations, one of our keys to success for any business, or campaign, are targeted ads. Let’s face it, it doesn’t do anyone any good to take their message to those that don’t care, or that oppose it. Your message, product, and/or ideas were meant for a specific audience. So it only makes sense to go to them. Let us help you target that audience. Our team understands what it takes to propel your advertising to the next level. We will help you design, target, and spread your message to those that both want and need to hear it.


Digital - Print - Radio - Television


You have your message, but now you need to focus on momentum. Advertisements are great, but they should never be your only means of conveyance. At some point you need to meet your constituents where they are. Our team at Leo Operations prides ourselves on our expertise in grassroots organizing from over a decade of experience. We will tailor a strategy specifically designed to put boots on the ground and spread your message at the door, on the phone, in the mailbox, and/or at an event. We will identify who your stakeholders are and go to them. Our task is to build a movement through the engagement of supporters, coalitions, policymakers, and donors. Once that movement is built, we will seek to activate it through tactics like signature gathering, letters to the editor, emails and phone calls to representatives, and the list goes on and on. If your message is the spark, your movement is the fire.


Door-to-Door - Phone Banking - Event Coordination - Petition Gathering


We have all heard about the importance of first impressions. How we dress and present ourselves says a lot about who we are and what we value in life. This concept is no different for a business, or campaign. If you spent a small amount of time on your website, or didn’t care to maintain it, that is going to be revealed time and time again. Ultimately, it will lead many people to exercise the same judgment and spend a small amount of time on you or, worse, eliminate you as a choice all together. Your message and your mission should be revealed in every aspect of your creative, from your logo to your website.

The real nightmare for many is that they have not had the time to learn the intricacies of creating websites. Who can blame you? Your time has been spent on developing your dream and realizing the impact that you want to have on the community. It’s tough enough to start up a new business much less understand html coding. Let our team at Leo Operations assist you throughout that process and even teach you along the way. There should never be anything that is a barrier to your success and that includes technology.

We live in a digital world defined by social media, and it is only growing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube. Is your head spinning yet? It should be. These tools, however, are invaluable, and a game-changer, for any business or campaign. Our team, at Leo Operations, is up-to-date on all of the intricacies of these outlets and we are here to guide you every step of the way. We will take your message, your product, or your campaign and enhance it through the power of social media in order to engage your audience and introduce them to who you are.


Web Development - Social Media Optimization - Email Marketing

Photography Portfolio

Videography Portfolio

List of States and Projects/Candidates

  • The Fair Healthcare Pricing Ballot Initiative
  • Kim Janey for District 7 Councilwoman
  • Richard Neal for Congress
  • Clean and Accountable Elections
  • INVEST in ED – Arizona Proposition 207 Ballot Initiative
  • #KeepStarz Petition Drive
  • Illinois Together Coordinated Campaign
  • All for Transportation – Hillsborough County Transportation Charter Amendment
  • We Are March On
  • We Are March On
  • We Are March On
  • Kansas City General Obligation Bonds Campaign
  • Omar Passons For San Diego County Board of Supervisors District 4
  • California Together Coordinated Campaign
  • Michigan Together Coordinated Campaign
  • Nevada Together Coordinated Campaign
  • Montanans For Research and Cures Ballot Initiative
  • Hillary Clinton For New Hampshire
  • Test & Trace Corps | NY Health AND Hospitals
  • We Are March On
  • We Are March On
  • We Are March On
  • We Are March On
  • We Are March On
  • We Are March On
  • We Are March On
  • We Are March On
  • BlackPAC – Tennessee
  • Wade Hinton For Mayor
  • Mike Bloomberg For President 2020
  • David Fox For Mayor (Runoff Election)
  • Howard Gentry For Mayor
  • Kelvin Jones For 8th Circuit Court Judge
  • Allegra Walker For Judge Division IV
  •  Re-Elect Sharon Gentry For School Board District 1
  • Judge Jennifer Smith for Criminal Court
  • James Turner for State Representative
  • Zulfat Suala for Metro Council at Large
  • Burkley Allen for Metro Council at Large
  • Jim Shulman for Vice Mayor
  • Judge Angie Blackshear Dalton for Criminal Court
  • Karen Johnson for Register of Deeds
  • Judge Ann Martin
  • Linda Jones for General Sessions Court
  • Jamie Hollins for Metro District 5 Councilman
  • Scott Davis for Metro District 5 Councilman
  • Our Fair Share
  • Emily Benedict for Metro District 7 Councilwoman
  • Bob Mendes for Metro Council at Large
  •  Jennifer Gamble for Metro District 3 Councilwoman


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