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Founded by Rodriquez Wright II in 2019, Leo Operations emerged from a vision to transform the political campaign landscape, appealing directly to both candidates and business owners. Wright, leveraging his extensive background in political campaign management since 2012, identified a significant opportunity to blend innovative digital strategies with traditional campaigning techniques.

His enterprise is specifically designed to address the evolving needs of modern political campaigns and businesses seeking to navigate the complex world of public engagement. By incorporating his expertise in digital tools, such as videography and website design, Leo Operations offers a unique blend of services that effectively resonate with contemporary audiences. 


Rodriquez Wright II, hailing from Chicago and now residing in Nashville, TN, is the dynamic founder of Leo Operations. Wright's political odyssey commenced at Tennessee State University, where his involvement with the Tennessee Democrats began in 2010. This was followed by internships at the Tennessee Democratic Party in 2011 and the Tennessee State Legislature in 2012. Beyond his extensive experience in local and national politics, Wright is also skilled in videography, photography, website design, and digital strategy. These multidisciplinary talents have significantly contributed to his innovative approach in campaign management and voter engagement. With over a decade in the field, Wright combines his political acumen with his creative and technical expertise to drive forward-thinking political campaigns and create impactful digital content.

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