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Creative Director

Web Design
Field Strategies

Anative of the vibrant DMV area and a graduate in Political Science from Tennessee State University, is a skilled professional in Social Media, Digital Content Creation, and Field Strategies.

Before completing her degree, Morganne honed her skills through a pivotal internship at the Tennessee Legislature, where she gained invaluable insights into the political process and public policy.

This experience, combined with her academic background, makes her exceptionally adept at understanding and addressing the unique needs of political campaigns and the business sector.

Her expertise in crafting compelling digital narratives and strategic social media engagement is crucial for candidates looking to connect with voters and businesses aiming to strengthen their market presence.


Morganne Norwood is a dynamic professional with a rich background in Social Media, Digital Content Creation, and Field Strategies. Her expertise lies in crafting compelling digital narratives and engaging content that resonates with diverse audiences. Morganne's proficiency in social media management is characterized by her innovative approaches to brand storytelling and her ability to foster meaningful online communities. Her skills extend beyond the digital realm into field strategies, where she excels in grassroots campaign planning and execution, demonstrating a unique ability to connect digital initiatives with on-the-ground efforts. This combination of talents makes Morganne a versatile and valuable asset in any team seeking to enhance their digital presence and community engagement.

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